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TechTable Summit (Speaker)

Oct 2019

TechTable is not your average conference. From inspirational speakers, to food and drink activations, to meaningful networking - we take care to curate every aspect of the day so that decision makers across tech, hospitality and investing learn, connect, and experience hi-tech for hi-touch.

Speaker SKS 19: Reimagining Food Retail

October 2019

Cashier-less checkout. Robotic fulfillment. AI-powered grocery shelves.

The future of food retail has entered an era of unprecedented change. We've brought together a session representing both startups as well as some of the world's biggest food retailers to discuss the state of the market and where it is going over the next decade

Agtech Landscape: Tracking 1,600+ Startups Innovating on the Farm and in the Supply Chain

September 2019

AgTech: seed through supply chain. Brita Rosenheim, who is well-known for the Food Tech & Media Landscape, and I call part of the supply chain “the messy middle of food” where agtech meets foodtech, and that’s included here alongside farmtech. 

Chasing shiny objects: Are grocers investing in the right technology?

September 2019

Technology may be the talk of the town, or at least the talk of Groceryshop, but it's not one-size-fits-all for grocers. From home delivery to in-store robots, four experts challenged the assumptions of today's biggest innovations in grocery during a rapid-fire session Monday. .

Groceryshop 2019 (Speaker): 10 Technologies Transforming Operations

September 2019

In this rapid-paced session, three grocery experts will review a list of 10 significant technologies transforming grocery operations in a game-show style format. These experts will debate technologies such as delivery drones, microfulfillment centers, shelf monitoring robots, freshness and cold chain monitoring, blockchain-based supply chain tracking and more. The audience will have an opportunity to vote on the potential impact of each technology, with the results of the audience vote being posted at the end of the session.

Phil Lempert, President & CEO, Consumer Insight

Gary Hawkins, Founder & CEO, Center for Advancing Retail and Technology (CART)

Brita Rosenheim, Partner, Better Food Ventures

Pano Anthos, Founder & Managing Director, XRC Labs (Interviewer)

Kitchen disruption on the horizon as tech firms add AI, big data to food production

July 2019

Increasingly, players in the food industry are embracing artificial intelligence to better understand the dynamics of flavor, aroma and other factors that go into making a food product a success.

Brita Rosenheim, a food tech analyst and investor in Analytical Flavor Systems through the firm Better Food Ventures, said technology can help “digitize existing data” from human taste panels and speed up the development process.

“The typical food product development process is long, and there are a lot of holes where there is no clear feedback on how the market is reacting, so this kind of technology can help,” Rosenheim said.

San Sebastián inaugurates a technological gastronomy laboratory

July 2019

The Basque Culinary Center (BCC) of San Sebastián, the first gastronomic university in Spain, opened a technological innovation laboratory called LABe, aimed at emerging companies that can test products and services.

The laboratory has a committee of eight kitchen experts who will support entrepreneurial companies. These include Brita Rosenheim of Better Food Ventures; Amit Zoran, researcher in digital gastronomy at the University of Jerusalem, and Beatriz Romanos, of TechFoodMag..

Mars: We Swiped Right On These Mentors, Now You Can Get to Know Them Too

May 2019

The SEEDS of CHANGE™ Accelerator team feels incredibly lucky to have found some fantastic partners who share the mission of creating better food today for a better world tomorrow.

These tech companies want to use AI to make you lunch at work

April 2019

The next frontier in automated food could be coming to an office kitchen near you, complete with big, salad-making robots.

Do Food Robot Startup Founders Need Restaurant Experience to Be Successful?

April 2019

Investors in food robotics have to be especially willing to take risks and play the long game. However, not all the VCs saw eye-to-eye on what it takes for a food automation startup to be successful. The panelists disagreed on whether or not startups need deep restaurant market knowledge to be successful, how high the capital investment has to be in food automation, and what sets one seemingly identical food robotics startup apart from another.

Meal Subscription Service Freshly Hires Its New CMO From Spotify

January 2019

Marketing is an essential part of the effort, said Brita Rosenheim, partner at the Better Food Ventures investment firm. “Whether it’s meal kits or prepared food, you still have labor costs and ultimately high distribution costs,” she said. “And even harder than that is customer acquisition and retention.”

“Marketing is a two-way conversation,” Ms. Rosenheim added. “You have to be understanding what your customers are telling you.”

Pizza Hut Aquires Mixing Bowl client, QuikOrder, in One of Largest Acquisitions to Date

December 2018

Pizza Hut announced that its U.S. business has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire QuikOrder, a leading online ordering software and service provider for the restaurant industry. It marks one of Pizza Hut's largest acquisitions to date. Brita Rosenheim, Partner at The Mixing Bowl LLC, led the sell side efforts on behalf of client QuikOrder.

Coca-Cola Leads $10m Series A for Restaurant Data Tech Startup

December 2018

Brita Rosenheim wrote in a recent article about restaurant tech that siloed data remains a limitation for restaurants to use the data they are collecting about their customers.

“While the restaurant industry has laid the digital foundation for transactions and data capture, a significant portion of that data still remains silo-ed across separate systems. Thus while operators are now better able to measure and manage the “what” and the “why” related to operational efficiencies, they are often still limited in their ability to truly leverage those insights to optimize or automate efforts based on that intelligence,” she wrote.

Runup in valuations is reminiscent of meal-kit bubble, some market watchers say

October 2018

Some investors expect a wave of consolidation. “Investors are doubling and tripling down on their bets to fuel a front-runner,” said Brita Rosenheim, an investor and consultant to food technology startups. “Ultimately I don’t think there will be much room for small players to succeed.”

Speaker: Food On Demand- Perspectives On Food Delivery

October 2018

Brita Rosenheim, Better Food Ventures; Christopher Payne, DoorDash; David Rabie, Tovala.


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